About Us

Since discovering the wonderful world of crypto in late 2013, I have been amazed by the community and the excitement of where our world is heading. In mid 2017 I decided to launch my homage to the crypto-sphere, that is, this website you are on now.

Satoshi tee is a e-commerce store hosted by Shopify Inc. Satoshi tee is based in Vienna, Austria. We either print and ship from the US or Latvia, depending on where our customers are shipping to. We use Printful – who oversee our printing and shipping, with offices in California, North Carolina, US, and Latvia. The decision to partner with Printful was made as they have a track record of delivering top quality goods, and are super fast with shipments.

Satoshi tee feature limited edition clothing of 50 – except for our logo tees & bags, which are an edition of 150. Once the design is sold, it won't return. The aim is to offer tees that are as rare as they are unique. Thanks for visiting and I hope you like the crypto fan gear. From one fan to another.

satoshi tee